Melissa Clark

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I am excited to be serving the people of Eagle Mountain on the City Council.  I bring a mix of experience, passion, and talents to the City Council.  I was born and raised in Minnesota.  I grew up enjoying the outdoors with my extended family.  We loved to fish, camp, and hike. As a child I would spend summers working and playing on my grandparents’ dairy farm. Stewardship and taking care of the land was something instilled in me from a very young age. 

My parents taught me to work hard and to give back through service. My dad was a blue collar guy.  When I was in elementary school he started a heating and air conditioning business.  We come from a long line of small business entrepreneurs.  I learned early that we had to work hard to be able to provide for our basic needs as a family and hard work, talent, and determination are what business is built on.  It was watching my dad work so hard that made me realize that small business is the backbone of the economy.  That has made me want to make sure that government supports the ideas and determination of small business entrepreneurs and doesn’t bog down the process with unnecessary red tape. My mother always worked and from as early as I can remember. She would bring me with to volunteer at the nursing home where she was the Director of Recreational Therapy.  She taught me that even though the seniors of the nursing home were very different from me in age, that I could still serve and relate.  I learned way back then to be an advocate and voice for people who have lost theirs.

When I was in Junior High School, I developed a love for theatre and singing; to pay for my voice and piano lessons I mucked stalls at the local horse stables.  I am no stranger to hard work. It is that same work ethic that drives everything I do in the city government.  I believe in doing my homework and studying out the challenges we face and then not giving up until we have come up with a solution.

For the past two decades, I have been leading and serving in the community, both in government, non-profits, and in church service.  I started volunteering in high school for the local arts alliance and community theatre.  After college, I returned to Minnesota to that same town where I grew up but then I was approached to serve in a leadership capacity.  I served on the Board of Directors for several non-profits and learned the ins and outs of fundraising and budgeting and administration. Here in Eagle Mountain I have served on the Eagle Mountain Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and worked with the other members of the board and Eagle Mountain City staff to implement the Utility Sale Neighborhood Match Grant program.  Shortly after being appointed to the board, I recognized that many residents did not know how to report an issue with the parks or where to get information so I spearheaded a project to get signs in every Eagle Mountain park so that residents could know at glance the contact information for reservations and maintenance issues.

Along with other leaders in the community I co-founded the Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance, a non-profit local arts agency.  In collaboration with the Saratoga Springs Arts Council, we produce the Community Messiah.  The production features many local artists of all ages and the concerts are attended by thousands of residents in both Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs.  I believe in partnering together with other communities to solve local problems.

I have also served as a delegate and as the chair for Eagle Mountain Precinct 05. As a delegate I became known for asking the candidates the tough questions and being a voice for the precinct. I bring that same voice to the city council.  Residents know that when they call or text or email me that I will answer and listen to their concerns and work to find appropriate solutions. 

I studied Education and Behavioral Science at Utah Valley University and graduated from the Association Montessori Internationale Training Center of Minnesota with a teaching credential in Early Childhood Education.  I taught for 6 years before having our twins.  I am dedicated to the children and youth of our community.  I have served in a volunteer capacity at local schools, in the Boy Scouts of America local units, and have advocated the cause of children with special needs and at-risk youth.

I work mostly part-time from home in the finance and retirement benefits industry.  My attention to detail and legal compliance with benefit and payroll contributions will be an asset on the city council.  My favorite job has always been being wife to my husband, Nathan and being mother to our four daughters.  We have lived in Orem, Provo, and Elk River, Minnesota before choosing Eagle Mountain to be our forever home. I love to bake and sing show tunes.  When I am not busy being mom, I find myself digging through old records and working on our family tree.


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