Community Programs & Presentations

The following programs and presentations are offered by the Utah County Sheriff's Office and Eagle Mountain City and are free of charge to Eagle Mountain residents:

Community Safety Program: We can help you set up a safety/watch program in your neighborhood.  We can also come out to your neighborhood and do presentations on whatever topic you need addressed, including but not limited to; setting up a program in your neighborhood, signs of drug use, bullying, suicide prevention, self-defense, social media concerns, crime prevention, and home safety.

RAD Women: We offer this program 2-3 times per year.  It is a self-defense empowerment program for women ages 13 and up.  It helps to have teenage girls take this class with their mothers because of the mature subjects taught.  We teach awareness, reduction and self-defense techniques.  The program is 15 hours.  This class fills up quickly so if interested, get on the list.

radKIDs: This is a class we help run in our elementary schools.  We rely on the help of volunteers that teach children in the schools.  If interested in becoming an instructor, meet with us and if you are a good fit, your tuition for the class will be paid for.

Teenager Presentation: We offer a two hour presentation for teenagers that covers drug use, social media concerns, and modern day challenges.

Teenage Girl Presentation: We offer a two hour presentation for females, typically aged 12-18 that covers dating issues, rape prevention strategies, awareness, and other challenges.

Women’s Presentation:  We offer a two hour presentation for adult women that covers awareness, home safety, rape prevention strategies, and crime prevention. 

Fingerprinting Merit Badge: We offer a class on fingerprinting and basic crime prevention.  As part of the class we teach the boys how to collect a set of fingerprints.

Crime Prevention Merit Badge:  We offer a class on crime prevention following the requirements for the merit badge.