Snow Removal

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Eagle Mountain City handles snow removal on City streets.  The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) handles snow removal on Cory B. Wride Memorial Highway (SR-73) and SR-68 (Redwood Road). 

The City strives to maintain safe traction for vehicles.  Due to the high cost in snow and ice removal, dry pavement should not be expected on all streets in all storms.  Eagle Mountain City has five snow plow trucks with salt spreaders.  Streets are plowed in order of priority.

PRIORITY 1 – Arterials roads (Eagle Mountain Blvd, Ranches Parkway, and Pony Express Parkway)

PRIORITY 2 – Collector roads, school zones, hills and curves

PRIORITY 3 – Residential, alleyways, cul-de-sacs

PRIORITY 4 – Unimproved roads

Home owners are responsible for snow and ice removal on sidewalks and driveways.  No snow or ice should be removed from private property onto roadways.  The street plowing process may create a build-up of snow in front of driveways.  It would be neither cost nor time effective for city snow plow drivers to stop and assist in clearing this build-up in front of driveways. We ask for the understanding and cooperation of home owners with this.

10.10.040 Parking prohibited when snow accumulates.

It is unlawful to park vehicles, trailers, or other property constituting obstructions to traffic on the streets of Eagle Mountain City from November 1st to March 15th of the succeeding year whenever snow accumulates.

If you have a question about snow removal on City streets, please call the Streets Department at 801-789-6677. 

If you have a question about snow removal on SR-73 or Redwood Road, please call UDOT's Region 3 office at (801) 227-8000, or visit their website at

Snow Removal Priority Map