Potholes and Patching

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Nov. 1 – Feb. 29 

Roads are temporally repaired with road base and cold mix asphalt.
March 1 – Oct. 31 
Roads are correctly repaired with sub-grade material, compaction, and hot mix asphalt.  Large projects go through a bid and contract process, because of the limited amount of street employees and equipment. 

Eagle Mountain City's Streets Department is in the process of completing a preventive maintenance program.  It is our goal to maintain safe and high quality roads.  A preventive maintenance program can help us achieve this while keeping pavement cost down.  The City has adopted a new construction standards and specification.  These standards and specifications consist of engineer grade fill in all utility trenches that run under or cross roadways.  This will minimize settling and road damage.


If you would like to report a damaged road please call the streets department at 801-789-6677.  For after-hours streets emergencies please call the emergency hotline at 801-789-5959 Ext. 6.