Long-Range Planning

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With over 50 square miles of land, Eagle Mountain is the 3rd largest city (geographically) in Utah. As such, the potential of our young city is truly limitless. Inherent with such a ‘blank canvas’ of undeveloped land is the great need to ensure that growth and development occur in a way that is safe, environmentally responsible, and continues to contribute to the quality of life of our residents as a whole. This is where Long-Range Planning is essential.

General Plan / Community Plan

The term "general plan" describes a general, comprehensive, long-range statement of goals and related policies to guide future growth and development of a city. The term "general plan" is often used synonymously with "comprehensive plan" and "master plan." The general plan acts as a guide, establishing policies and procedures for growth, development, conservation, and location of various land use activities. Policies are based on an analysis of the population being served, the physical conditions of the land, the adequacy of public facilities, and the compatibility of land use.

Eagle Mountain City adopted a new comprehensive General Plan in July of 2018

The 2018 General Plan Future Land Use Map Is available here

The 2018 General Plan Future Transportation Map is available here

The 2018 General Plan Future Land Use Map with annexation areas  is available here

Please bear in mind that General Plan Maps do NOT represent the current zoning. Instead, it represents the land uses that are believed to be the most likely, desirable, and feasible for each area in our city. It directs how land is to be used for the overall benefit of the residents into the future.

Parks and Open Space Master Plan

This master plan guides the future development of parks, trails, and other open space throughout the city, and was approved by the City Council on June 16, 2009. Our goal is for Eagle Mountain to be Utah County’s most desirable place to live, and the open space system is vital to achieving that goal.

Zoning & Master Development Plans/Agreements

The City’s zoning map designates the zoning for properties throughout the city. The City has also encouraged master planning of property throughout its history, and there are currently approximately 15 master development plans (MDPs) approved in the city. These plans were proposed by property owners or developers, and act as the approved zoning for the properties. They also give vested development rights to these properties. The master plans contain a master plan map and a master development agreement.