Neighborhood Match Grant Program

In 2014, Eagle Mountain City residents voted to sell our Gas and Electric utilities and in early 2015, the sale was completed. As a result of the sale, the City had excess funds that could be used on projects to help enhance the City. City Council approved a Neighborhood Community Matching Grant Program to accomplish this purpose. Under this program, neighborhoods can work together with the City on projects designed to:

  1. Enhance & beautify City’s neighborhoods
  2. Foster a sense of community and neighborhood pride through resident participation in a neighborhood project
  3. Foster a team partnership between the City and residents designed to create and facilitate positive change in the city
  4. Reinvest utility sale funds into communities

This program has been designed to help direct utility sale proceeds back into neighborhoods around the City until those approved utility sale funds have been disbursed.

Eagle Mountain City will be holding a meeting regarding the plans and applications for the program on April 12. If you'd like to attend, you can find more information here