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Instructor: David Becar, dbecar@charter.net, 909-379-8015, call sign K16OSS

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Be sure you are registering for the exam in Eagle Mountain, Utah on March 2, 2019. Read the instructions very carefully as your register. Don't skip any steps. During the registration for the exam session you will obtain a Federal Registration Number (FRN) The FRN is issued to you by the FCC so they can keep track of all your dealings with them instead of using your Social Security number. After you have entered your information on the FCC website for your FRN the results page may be confusing. Your FRN is in the middle towards the top of the page in a sentence in BOLD. Highlight the FRN with your mouse and copy and paste it to the registration page on hamstudy.org. If you are at home print out the FCC FRN final registration page. If you can't print out the page with your FRN then take a picture of the page with your smartphone. Write on the print out the password you have chosen and store it in a safe place or save it in your smartphone. Finding out your FRN if you don't have a license is difficult so don't lose your FRN. You will also need to provide the FCC with a password which you will use later to use the Universal Licensing System (ULS) so you can change your address if you move or renew your license. DO NOT EVER LOSE YOUR FCC ULS PASSWORD. You will need it later for access to the FCC ULS website to print out your license, renew your license, change your address or apply for a vanity call sign. 

After completing the registration process on hamstudy.org be sure to print out or take a picture of your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the exam session and FRN once you have completed everything on hamstudy.org. If, for some reason, you do not take the exam the day of the class you will need your FRN to take an exam later. The PIN you get for this exam session will only work for this exam session. You will need your FRN to take an exam later and get a different PIN. 

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The Appeal of Ham Radio

"It is possible to communicate from the top of a mountain, your home or behind the wheel of your car, all without relying on the internet or a cell phone network. You can take radio wherever you go. In times of disaster, when regular communication channels fail, hams can swing into action assisting emergency communications efforts and working with public service agencies. For instance, the Amateur Radio Service kept New York City agencies in touch with each other after their command center was destroyed during the 9/11 tragedy. Ham radio also came to the rescue during Hurricane Katrina, where all other communications failed, and the devastating flooding in Colorado in 2013. 

One can communicate with other hams using your voice and a microphone, interface a radio with your computer or tablet to send data, text or images, or Morse code, which remains incredibly popular. You can even talk to astronauts aboard the International Space Station, talk to other hams through one of several satellites in space, or bounce signals off the moon and back to Earth.

Some hams like to build and experiment with electronics. Computer hobbyists enjoy using amateur Radio's digital communications opportunities. Others compete in "DX contests", where the object is to see how many hams in distant locations they can contact. Mostly we use ham radio to form friendships over the air or through participation in one of more than 2000 Amateur Radio clubs throughout the country. There are over 600,000 radio amateurs in the United States and over 2,000,000 worldwide." [American Radio Relay League] 

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