Residential Pool Permits

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If you want to install a pool, whether indoor or outdoor, you will need to get a building permit. A building permit is required for all new residential swimming pools that are 24 inches or greater in depth and/or have a filter system, heater or electrical lighting. Outdoor pools must be surrounded by a wall or fence with a minimum height of six feet, and must be a minimum of five feet from the side and rear property lines. For indoor pools, the structure enclosing the pool must comply with the requirements of an accessory building.

What needs to be submitted:

• A completed permit application, including the subdivision, lot #, tax serial #. This information can be located at the Utah County website (make sure to search the address numbers and city ONLY). Also make sure to include all contractors information and the project valuation.

• Site plan reflecting all dimensions of the lot and all structures, septic system (if applicable), setbacks to property lines, location of the pool, overhead/underground electric lines, fencing or other pool enclosure.

• Two (2) complete sets of detailed plans are required. Plans must include all safety feature options, electrical and piping systems.

• All required engineering

• Electrical and gas diagrams