Basement Permits

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To finish your basement, you must submit a completed application along with the basement plan checklist and an 8 x 11 floor plan that shows EVERYTHING on the checklist on one page. Please do not submit several pages. Please make sure the application includes the address, lot and subdivision, and the tax serial #. You can find that HERE . Your plans will go through a review and when they have been approved, we will email you and let you know what the total fees will be. Fees are based on the total sq. ftg. that is being finished. We will know the fees once the plans have been reviewed. Once it has been paid for and picked up, you can schedule inspections by contacting the building department at 801-789-6614 or by email at

Building Permit Application

Basement Plan Checklist (must be submitted with plans)

Basement Code Specifications

Basement Permit Inspections Required

Accessory Apartment information

Second Kitchen Agreement form

Fire Stop handout