Yard/Garage Sales

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The City has created an interactive map to help residents spread the word about their yard and garage sales.

You may register using this map to provide information about your sale. Residents can also use this map to see upcoming sales.

If you are planning to post signs to advertise your sale, pre-registration is required for city code enforcement or signs may be removed. 

If you would like to post signs please fill out the registration form. You will be allowed to place yard sale signs that are no larger than four square feet in size in the park strip on local roads, and between the sidewalk and the fence on the major roads (Ranches Pkwy, Pony Express Pkwy, etc.).  

Signs are allowed only on the day of your sale. 

No signs are allowed on power poles, lamp posts, fences, trees, grass/decorative rock strip medians between traffic lanes or between the curb and sidewalks.