Utah Lake Commission

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Utah Lake Commission

The Utah Lake Commission is a government agency funded and empowered by 17 area governments, including neighboring municipalities of Utah County, the Department of Natural Resources, and the great state of Utah.

"In short, we exist to help you, the public, get the most of Utah Lake, one of the State’s largest natural treasures. With that in mind, Utahlake.gov serves as a public portal to help promote, inform, sustain, and protect the Lake.

Founded in 2007 by an authorized exploratory committee, and using the Master Plan as our road map, the Commission hopes to promote multiple public uses of the lake, facilitate orderly planning and development in and around the lake, and enable individual Commission members to govern their own areas.

Our Goals

The objectives of the Utah Lake Commission are described in the Interlocal Agreement. To summarize, the purposes of the Commission are to:

1. Encourage and promote multiple uses of the lake
2. Foster communication and coordination between Commission members
3. Promote resource utilization and protection
4. Maintain and develop recreation access
5. Monitor and promote responsible economic development

As we responsibly address each of these issues, we hope to protect, preserve, enhance, and enjoy the lake for generations to come."

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