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incentivesImagine the perfect location for your business where the local government is generous, supportive, and creative in its incentive packages. It offers everything from tax increment financing (TIF) to land and utilities concessions. And if your business is high tech and/or focused on renewable and sustainable energy, the government offers you incentives that lower your costs to unprecedented levels.


Incentives: Eagle Mountain

  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Industrial Development Bonds & Low Interest Financing
  • Utilities & Land Concessions
  • Fast Track Permitting

Incentives: Utah 

  • Economic Development Zone TIF: post-performance, refundable tax credit for up to 30% of new state revenues (sales, corporate and withholding taxes)
  • Industrial Assistance Fund (IAF): post-performance grant for the creation of high-paying jobs in the state
  • Custom Fit Training
  • Enterprise Zones with income tax credits
  • Long-term Private Activity Bonds
  • Recycling Market Development incentive zones
  • Renewable Energy Development Incentives (REDI)
  • Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturing Equipment