As the proud Mayor of Eagle Mountain City, I would like to personally invite you to make our city the new home of your business. Eagle Mountain is the 3rd largest city in Utah in terms of land mass, and the 4th fastest growing city in the state. We’ve seen Eagle Mountain grow from 250 residents in 1996 to 40,000 today.

Beyond space and growth, Eagle Mountain City has much to offer prospective employers. Three major universities are located within a 30 minute drive of our city and over 60% of Eagle Mountain adults have college degrees. At the same time, our community is vibrant and family-oriented. Over 80% of households have children, with an average household size of 4.68.

Community leaders in Eagle Mountain are committed to promoting economic development. We aim to provide commercial conveniences for our citizens, to create job opportunities, and to increase the fiscal stability of our city. To meet these goals, the City Council has formed a Redevelopment Agency (RDA) and a Community Development Area (CDA) to offer tax incentives to prospective companies. We’ve also enacted ordinances to encourage additional forms of incentives.

The City Council and I, along with the Economic Development Board, Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce and Staff, are dedicated to the pursuit of new businesses and to the success of existing businesses in Eagle Mountain. We understand the important role of businesses in our city and believe we will be a valuable partner in helping you achieve your goals as well.

Please feel free to contact me personally regarding what our City can do to help your company.

Mayor Tom Westmoreland