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Eagle Mountain City Cautions Parents & Pet Owners of Summer Hot Car Dangers

Look Before You Lock

Post Date:06/06/2018

As a public service and with hot temperatures now upon us, Eagle Mountain City would like to caution parents and pet owners regarding leaving children and pets unattended in a vehicle. According to the National Safety Council, 42 children died in 2017 from heatstroke after being left in hot cars, exceeding the national average by five deaths. We hope to encourage all parents to be cautious and help to insure this does not happen. 

Caution dictates that we should never leave a child or pet alone in the car for any reason. Car temperatures rise much more rapidly than we realize.

In 10 minutes, a vehicle's interior temperature can rise by 20 degrees and continue to rise as time goes on.

Heatstroke can occur when the body reaches an internal temperature of 104 degrees according to Mayo Clinic research. However, children are especially susceptible. Their body temperature can increase three to five times faster than an adult's, according to a journal article from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

A few precautions are suggested when it comes to ensuring a child is not forgotten in a car.

  • Parents should keep their doors locked when not using the car to make sure kids do not climb inside. Sometimes children wander off and go play in the car, lock themselves in and cannot get out. Parents do not realize where they are.
  • A slight deviation from a routine has also led to parents forgetting a child in the back seat, believing they had already dropped the child off at day care or elsewhere.
  • A reminder such as leaving your phone, your purse, one of your shoes — something placed near the child that you're going to need when you leave the car.

Look before you lock!

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