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Drilling and Blasting in Eagle Mountain - Updated 2/9/18

Post Date:12/18/2017

2/9/18 - 

Today the developer of Skyline Ridge signed an agreement approved by the city council in a special session on January 22. This agreement seeks to expedite the timeline of processing and removal of materials related to excavation in the area, address safety concerns, and lessen long-term impact to residents. This work may now recommence, with a deadline for completion of October 30, 2018. Work hours are limited to 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

1/4/18 - 

Regarding door notices distributed earlier this week that blasting is planned for Friday, January 5, the City Attorney has sent a letter to the blasting company to reiterate that a new excavating permit through the city is required, as well as compliance with the amended blasting ordinance. Failure to comply could result in a fine and further legal action. 

1/2/18 - 

Door notices were distributed by the contractor prematurely regarding planned blasting in the Skyline Ridge subdivision this week. Since the excavation permit for that development expired at the end of December, a new permit will need to be obtained through the City before any additional excavation work takes place. At this time there are no approved blasting permits in the city. New blasting will need to meet the requirements of the amended blasting ordinance, recently approved by the city council. Please be aware that the amended blasting ordinance does not prohibit blasting, but adds requirements the developer must comply with. Another code amendment concerning blasting, with the intent to prohibit blasting to create new lots, but potentially still allow some blasting for basements, roads, and utilities is being prepared by City planning staff to be presented at an upcoming city council meeting - date TBA. 

Additionally, the City will no longer allow material to be processed on site and removed from the site. Material may still be processed on site for use on site. 

The City will continue to follow the same notification process for residents regarding blasting as has been in place by sending email/text notices to area residents and posting on our Facebook and Twitter accounts ahead of blasting taking place. 


3 Rivers Drilling and Blasting has provided several informational resources to address questions and concerns that residents may have regarding blasting in residential areas. 

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